An Ecological Master Plan with a Sense of Place


The Master Plan, developed by emerging Singaporean Architect, Chioh-Hui Goh of studiogoto, evolves a low-density villa community
infused by the Khmer culture, while adhering to Alila’s ‘Environs’ sustainability policy. Chioh-Hui’s design also ensures the project
meets Earthcheck’s benchmarking and certification program, which operates in over 10 countries and services over 1,300 clients
in areas of Operational Sustainability, CO2e Emissions Benchmarking and Environmental Sustainability.

Architect's Concept Statement

When you design for a destination it is important to understand the geography, history and local customs that contribute to a sense of place. Like the relevance of the Krama (a patterned cloth widely used in Khmer life) to the Cambodian people, it has also inspired much of the geometry in the design concept for Alila Villas Koh Russey.

The design approach pays tribute to the local artisans by using local materials and traditional craftsmanship, fusing the architecture, landscaping and interior works as an integral part of the destination.

Chioh-Hui Goh


Master Plan

1. Arrival Lobby 9. Beach Front Sunbeds
2. Sky Atrium 10. The Gym
3. The Restaurant 11. Beachside Grill
4. Feature Deck 12. Ridge Pool
5. Floating Pool Deck 13. Ridge Restaurant
6. Chill Pool 14. Moon Court
7. Spa Pool 15. Forest Court
8. Spa Pavilion 16. The Sunset Bar



Expansive Space Planning

Featuring one-bedroom, two-bedroom and four-bedroom villas where each villa is given the luxury of design spaces with terraces and a private pool and garden. Additional Duplex units will be launched at a later stage.

Considerable attention has been given to the location and siting of each villa. In particular, the one-bedroom villas have a vantage point at 27 metres above sea level. Residents will enjoy the best vistas and ultimate privacy with generous landscape breaks between each villa.

The villas are designed with generous private open spaces, with land plots ranging from 450 sq.m. expanding to 3,500 sq.m. for four-bedroom villas.

The entire hotel and villa project has a low building density of only 15% to total site, resulting in an abundance of natural and landscaped green spaces, which underlines the ecological credentials of the project.